August 29, 2015 Performance of Transformations at Gallery H Hawthorne California. Music by Tony Solano, Video by Gloria Plascencia

Peggy Sivert

This performance represents a transformation to a place of clarity.   The Primitive music that accompanies the performance is meant to represent the psychological voices of judgment that will be left behind.  With that small glimpse into the future, I will begin my new journey back into art with perspective and confidence.

Peggy Sivert:  Artist Statement

 Art is intertwined with my life.  Throughout childhood, I created poems and plays, during high school I discovered sketching and ceramics and in college I studied Art, becoming an art teacher and then starting galleries.  Everything that was important to me became a part of my art. 

Horses were the focus of my youth.  These magnificent animals were a force connecting me with nature and great responsibility.  These animals imparted a lasting influence on my art, aesthetically, spiritually and conceptually. 

As I matured, my art became centered on ceramic’s history and technique, integrating the Tea Ceremony and Zen philosophy into my teaching.   

Today, the major transformative periods of my life have merged.  Horses and Clay relate in their lasting connection to humanity.  The use of found objects express environmental concerns, shaping my art through respect for nature and synergy of transformative periods of my life.

​the Horse has been a recurring theme in my art work. I have found the horse to symbolize the shrinking open space, the end of romance,spirituality, the Old West and Manifest Destiny as we enter the global age of inclusion, equality and unity.

I have curated a show called "Transforming Feminisms" inviting artists to pair up and respond to contemporary status of women today. The influence of working with a large group of artists around the theme of feminism has influenced my subject matter, and I am currently working on paintings and sculpture that is contemplative of global feminism and the issues and ideas women face today.  
I see women coming into leadership of the world as a glimpse of light - working for equality and giving voice to women world-wide. It is this balance of light and dark that I struggle with in my art.

Peggy Sivert is founder and director of South Bay Contemporary non profit Art Gallery currently located in South Los Angeles.



2001 – 2004, Master of Arts, Humanities, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Outstanding Project Award:  Ancient Pottery in a Post Modern World

1970-1975, BA Drawing/Pntg, Art Education, California State University,Long Beach


2013 - present, Founder / Executive Director, South Bay Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

 2007 – present, Director / Curator, PS Zask Gallery , Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca

 1994– June 2013 Ceramics /AP Art teacher, Mira Costa HS, Manhattan Beach, Ca

 2007 - Art Instructor –  El Camino College, Torrance, Ca

 1990 –1994  Director, Minus Zero Gallery & South Bay Contemporary,Torrance, Ca.

 1985 – 1988    Art Instructor, Pacific Shores, Mira Costa High School, Manhattan Beach

 1982 – 1985 Art Instructor, Rocky Mountain Academy/Cedu School, Idaho

 1979 – 1982  Artist, PSA Fine Art, Bonners Ferry, Idaho

 1976 – 1978 Peace Corps Volunteer, Belize, Central America

Recent Art Exhibitions

August 2017
All Media, Juried by Kim Abeles
Irvine Fine Art Center, Irvine, CA

August 2017
In Pursuit of Beauty
Gallery 3331, Tokyo, Japan

January, 2017
LA Artcore, Union Center for the Arts, Los Angeles

January, 2017

CA 101

Redondo Beach, CA

 November 2016
South Bay Focus, 2016
Torrance Art Museum

 November, 2016
Mas Attack
Torrance Art Museum

 November, 2016
LA Art Tours
Gallery C, Los Angeles, CA

 September 2016
Bareback, Symmetry in Motion
Gallery C, Los Angeles

 Sept 2016
My Own Private Moon
FM Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles

 March 2016
Mas Attack
San Diego Art Institute, CA

 January 2016
Lee and Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 November 2015
South Bay Focus
Torrance Art Museum, Torrance CA

 September 2015

Transformations, Peggy Sivert, Solo Show
Gallery H, Hawthorne, CA

 July, 2015
LA Juried Exhibition
Jurors:  Tomas Benitez, Fatemeh Burnes, Peter Frank
LA Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 July 2015
California 101
AES Power Plant
Redondo Beach, CA

 July 2015
Untitled San Pedro
The Loft, San Pedro. CA
430 Building, San Pedro

 March  2015
From Her
Pico House, Los Angeles, CA

 February 2015
Curate This,
Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 February 2015
14 So California Artists
Rolling Hills Country Club, CA

 January 2015
No Expectations
Gallery 347, San Pedro, Ca

 November 2014
Joe Hill 100 Years Part 3-
URI-EICHEN Gallery, Chicago, IL

 May 8-11, 2014
Layers of Los Angeles
Select Art Fair, Chelsea, New York

 March 13 – April 10, 2014
Labor-Migrant-Gulf, Curator, Doris Bittar
Southwestern College Art Gallery, Chula Vista, CA

 March 2014 
Deep Roots, Juror Massiel Y. Bobadilla 
Pico House, Los Angeles, CA

 Feb 2014
Love and Other Considerations, juror, Michael Stearns
Gallery 347, San Pedro, CA

 12, 1 - 2013  In Motion Juror:  Max Presneill South Bay Lexus, Torrance, CA

 9 - 2013  Push and Flow Manhattan Beach Creative Art Center, Manhattan Beach, Ca Curator:  Megumi Sandow

 4 - 2013  Open Visions:  South Bay Art Instructors Zask Gallery, South Bay, L.A.

 1-2 - 2012  Either Side of Grey:  Valuing the Artist's Process Zask Gallery, South Bay, L.A.

 7,9 – 2011  Chain Letter
Shoshanna Wayne Gallery Santa Monica, CA

 7,8 – 2011  The Art of Clay
American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona, CA

 4,5 – 2011  Where Imagination Takes Flight
Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA

 7,8 – 2010  

Origin:  Portuguese Bend
Lee & Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

 10 – 11/11 2009   Artist of Art Forum
Santa Ana College, Main Gallery, Santa Ana, Ca

 9 -10 -2009  Local Visions,  curated by Megumi Sando
Manhattan Beach Creative Art Center, Manhattan Beach, Ca