Michael Freitas Wood

In our contemporary society, there is an unending amount of visual stimulus vying for our attention daily, least of which is the static medium that is a painting. Perhaps as a consequence of the inherent speed in all media, our collective attention span has been reduced to sound bites and fast visuals. The question for me is how to create a painting that competes for the viewer’s attention within all this stimuli.

I offer paintings that explore this issue by creating intensely compacted, highly charged visual designs that take their inspiration from a variety of sources. A grid format is always the main structural element. The application of lines in multiple directions and layers, when seen from a distance, gives the grid an alluring woven appearance. As the viewer approaches the painting, he/she is allowed to peer through the surface to see the many underlying grids below. It is my hope that thru the sheer intensity of line and the tapestry-like composition that the viewer will take time to decode its many layers, provoking a slower, meditative visual experience.

Michael Freitas Wood has shown in galleries both solo and in group shows across the nation, as well as in galleries in other nations. And has been featured in several publications both at home and abroad. His most recent exhibition being a solo show at South Bay Contemporary called “Moment of Change”.