My Performance will represent this transformation from being lost and struggling, to a place of clarity.   The Primitive music that accompanies my performance is meant to represent the psychological voices of judgment that will be left behind.  With that small glimpse into the future, I will begin my new journey back into art with perspective and confidence.

 ​the Horse has been a recurring theme in my art work. I have found the horse to symbolize the shrinking open space, the end of romance,spirituality, the Old West and Manifest Destiny as we enter the global age of inclusion, equality and unity.

I have curated a show called "Transforming Feminisms" inviting artists to pair up and respond to contemporary status of women today. The influence of working with a large group of artists around the theme of feminism has influenced my subject matter, and I am currently working on paintings and sculpture that is contemplative of global feminism and the issues and ideas women face today.  
I see women coming into leadership of the world as a glimpse of light - working for equality and giving voice to women world-wide. It is this balance of light and dark that I struggle with in my art.

Peggy Sivert Zask currently operates the Zask gallery in San Pedro, California as well as operating as an important figure in the group South Bay Contemporary. Her education is from California State University, Dominguez Hills and Long Beach and she taught art at the Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, CA. She has shown in exhibitions throughout Los Angeles, as well as across the nation and is known internationally.



August 29, 2015 Performance of Transformations at Gallery H Hawthorne California. Music by Tony Solano, Video by Gloria Plascencia

Peggy Sivert